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We produce all types of video content from Animated Explainer Video Production, Internal video, Commercial, Testimonial video and Company story video. We believe that Animated Explanatory Video has the power to: educate your customers, humanize your brand, promote your products, and so much more. It is not just about having one good Animated Explanatory Video on your website. Our goal is to elevate your brand and make it outstanding in the crowded marketplace we live today.


Every Explainer production is made with love! We are committed to spend quality time on every client project and hand-craft each explainer video with attention and passion to details.


Nobody wants to watch boring Explainer productions. Our videos are carefully crafted to deliver best results and increase engagement and conversion rates for you.


EVA helped the worlds top companies to explain and simplify their company story using Animated Explanatory Video production.


We think uniquely and laterally. We don’t just make cute looking animations, we understand marketing and we have know how to engage your targeted audience with our explainer video productions.


First of all we are storytellers. While all the Explainer production quality is important, it is really just a means to an end, which is telling an your engaging story for business success.


We don’t use templates or themes, all our productions of Animated Explanatory Videos are designed from scratch and based on your branding guidelines, target audience and marketing objectives.


We have helped everyone from startups to Fortune 100 corporations to create stories that get people to care about. We would love to help tell your story too. Lets start a Animated Explanatory Video production together.


We deliver Animated Explanatory Video production projects on-time and beyond your expectations.No other team can provide to our attention to detail and our creative standards.


Our background combines psychology, motion graphics, user behavior, digital strategy, and project management. Our team consists of different experts for every step of the production.

1. The Creative Brief

Before we start making a Animated Explainer Video or any other type of marketing video, we should know exactly which kind of audience you’re addressing, what you want to achieve with the video, and where you’re going to showcase it. A professional explainer video production company like us will usually have a meeting, skype or phone call with you before starting the video production process and also make sure you fill out a creative brief or questionnaire to outline your business idea, your marketing goals and target audience. This process is essential in order to make a professional explainer video!

2. The Script, Concept and Speaker Text

The script of the animated explainer video is the message you want to give to your target audience. There are lots of writing structures and tricks to follow but to sum it up, a good animated video script should be simple, short and have a clear-cut story so to keep the attention. Also the wise use of metaphors is a good idea too.

3. The Storyboard and Styleframe

The storyboard describes the actions and what happens, it is the visual aspects of the video. To put it simply, it is like a comic strip of your Explainer. The storyboard also indicates camera shots and transitions, so it is a vital step to know what everything will look like.

4. Voice-Over

Almost every animated marketing video uses a voice to narrate the script over the Explainer production. It is vital to hire a professional voice actor that is also a native speaker of the country of the target audience. If not, people won’t feel comfortable or emotionally close to the voice on the video.

5. Illustrations / Designs

Once all of the previous stages are done, professional illustrators draw every graphic element to be used in the explainer video. Every one of them will depend on the animated video style chosen.

6. Animation

Once the illustrations are all done, and with the guide of storyboard frames and voice-over recordings, professional animators are set to put the animated video in motion. In this stage, professional animation is vital in order to make characters look human and lively.

7. Sound and Music

In this stage sound experts adjust the audio part of the explainer video. It is time to edit the voice-over recording, the background music and the sound together. Many times, the sounds and music are as important as the rest of the explainer video.

Your Explainer Video Success Story!

10 Reasons, Why You Need a Animated Explanatory Videos:

  1. Explain your product or service in seconds
  2. Increase conversion rates on your website, shop or social media
  3. Help you rank better on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  4. Save on ads, because you will reach your audience
  5. Build branding and trust your products
  6. They are the perfect pitch for everyone
  7. Videos are more engaging then all other media
  8. They have better ROI compared to all other marketing efforts
  9. They Work perfect for mobile devices
  10. They have the best recall rates

1. There is a reason they are called Animated Explanatory Videos

It is because they can explain your product or service in seconds. The average attention span of an internet user is of eight seconds. When someone visits your website, blog or social media profile, you have to quickly explain your business, service or product idea before they get distracted. That is where a Explainer production come in. They are attractive enough to grab your viewers’ attention and they also show information in a educational and compelling way. A Animated Explanatory Video will keep them easily focused on the content.

2. Animated Explanatory Video increase conversion rates

Conversions are the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign. Why not take advantage of the fact that up to 73% of people are more likely to buy a product or service if they saw an Explainer? The right explainer video will combine dedicated target insights and a catchy narrative with cute characters for best results.

3. Animated Explanatory Video help you rank better on Google, Bing or Yahoo

Google loves videos and video content ranks better in the search results. Videos are 53 times more likely to rank on the search engine compared to plain text! Having an Animated Explanatory Video can help with your #1 ranking. You could have a double organic search result.

4. Explainer are great for saving on ads

Is your website is having a high bounce rate? It probably means your SEM efforts are not paying-off that well. Users are visiting your site because they clicked on your ad and are not staying very long. A Animated Explanatory Video includes motion, graphics and audio. Bacause of that they are an awesome engagement tool. Animated Explanatory Videos provide entry points to other brand channels. This will result in longer and more interactive site visits account and lower bounce rates. Users will be actually absorbing your content. Add your Explainer to your landing page and enjoy great results with no additional ad costs.

5. They build powerful branding with animated explainer video

You need to provide users with something as unique as only your brand can offer. Custom content is always the way to go. Combine this with the power of explainer videos and you will stand out. In a custom Animated Explanatory Video, you can apply your corporate colors. We will create characters that your audience can feel identified with. We will tell your story with a personalized script. This will inform your audience better about how you can help your viewers. It will then turn your customers into faithful brand ambassadors.

6. A explainer video production are always the perfect pitch for your company

Explainer video productions are truly engaging. Animated Explanatory Videos are versatile creatures. You can publish them on your website, post them on social networks or embed them in your next marketing newsletter. You even can use them for a sales presentation pitch.

7. People care for videos and will share it

That is why 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with friends. They are easy to post and easy to share. Sharing not only means that your voice will be amplified. This connections created will also improve your SEO results.

8. Better ROI with Explainer

Have you ever thought that Animated Explanatory Videos can be produced at much better rates than ads? They cost less and it is easy to have a good return on your investment. A explainer video production is such a powerful tool. It helps you that you can track stats for online videos to better calculate their performance and costs.

9. They work great on mobile devices

Videos adjust amazingly to small screens. That is a benefit that text and images don’t have. All growth is nowadays coming from mobile, you should definitely consider Animated Explanatory Videos.

10. Top recall rates

Did you know that 80% of viewers recall a explainer video ad they have seen in the past 30 days and 12% finally make the purchase? As videos work with animation, sound and storytelling, your audience will easily feel identified and better engage with them. It is no secret that our memories work better when emotions are involved! Whoa! Those are a lot of benefits for your brand, and all it takes is having one Explainer. If you need some help with this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and see how we can help you out.

We create all types of video content from Animated Explanatory Video, Internal videos, Commercials, Testimonial videos and Company story videos.

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Animated Explainer Video Styles

The explainer video industry is moving fast. Animated short visual content can be found in many places including the TV, News, Social Media like: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. There are different styles of explainer videos out there, but only a few of them will be effective for your business. That is why it is important to know about all of them. This can be a difficult if you don’t know what are you choosing from. Global companies use different Animated Explanatory Videos Styles to tell their stories; they can benefit various industries and cover different topics such as health, insurance, finance, travel, tech and science, fashion, food, film etc. This is why Explainers content are being used frequently today. A user can advertise and explain almost anything on the web by using them! Understanding the available options for your business, service or product is essential. So we gathered a list of the Animated Explanatory Video styles possible that have been used by many brands and businesses around the world, which have proven to be effective, if executed properly. Whether you are a startup or a large company, it is important to know the best style for your video and ask the following questions: What are my goals? Who my target group? What is my budget? Which messages do I want to send? The answers will get you closer to what you need and will help you to find out the proper style. They are also a good educational media due to its catching visuals, snappy animations, and narrative audio. This is making them an obvious center of attention that are hard to skip or miss. Explainers provide amazing result when it comes to showing viewers’ pain and immediately offer a solution to it. Add all of those up and you will get the perfect marketing tool to build your business marketing strategy. There are different types of explainer video productions out there, but only a few are effective for your company business. Once you have decided on making a Animated Explanatory Video to tell your company story in an engaging way, to increase conversions, to maximize your business exposure and to boost sales, it is time to think about which kind of animated video you will choose. A user stays on a website for around 10 to 20 seconds only. It is extremely difficult to convince your customer or the visitor, even if you are relying on explainer videos. The animation industry is expanding rapidly and animators and creative directors are experimenting with various styles of explainer videos today.

The History of Explainer Video Animation Styles

As the industry grows, new video production companies started popping up everywhere, which causes a strong marketing and creativity competition. The rise of animated marketing video content in various industries is also causing demand for explainer animations as a tool to increase brand awareness. Each company tries their best to come up with own Animated Explanatory Video styles and new animation styles to build a signature for their creations. Animated explainer video productions are a form of art in the era of social media and online media. They are bound to have signature looks and a useful content to watch for a company and its target customers. That means if your company thinks about creating an explainer video, there is a long list of video styles available to choose from. There are people who find it harder to choose between that many options. A quick search on YouTube will show you that there are more than hundred of Explainer styles which range from short ones (10-30 seconds) to longer ones (>5 minutes). One minute of an explainer video has usually between 160 and 180 words. Our clients are already familiar with our animated styles. Most of the times they call us knowing exactly what they want. After many years of experience as animated explainer video agency, our team tried out a lots of styles from top-level production companies. Some of them we love, others are a little out of our taste. Some require advanced techniques, some can be done more easily. We came to many different styles and each of them requires different animation technique which you can explore. That what we want to share with you right here.

Whiteboard Animation - Explainer Video

A a traditional definition of explainer video content. It is a simplest form of a 2d animation. This style is all about illustrations and mostly done in black and white. You will see the hand of the illustrator drawing image after image on a white surface to explain a concept for you. Whiteboards are by far the best budget video style for corporate purposes. Whiteboard animations are known as the most effective type of explainer video animation because of its minimalistic design. It allows viewers to concentrate on the content. They are also great for video series. You should definitely consider that approach. They are one of the most popular and preferred styles for B2C and B2B companies. Whiteboard videos are perfect for diving a bit deeper into a product, service or process explanation. This style consists of drawing simple black and white illustrations on a whiteboard and explain a concept. The whole story just pops up right in front of your eyes and out of thin air, so you are drawn into it from the start. Besides, whiteboard animations have that simplistic feel I have mentioned when talking about 2D character animations which offers the benefit of being straightforward and to-the-point.

Motion Graphic Animation

Just as the name suggests, this video animation style conveys an explanation through simple animated graphics. Since there is always constant movement, this style is designed to be engaging and easy to follow. A motion graphics animated video explainer is incredibly fluid in various ways — you almost can’t go wrong with it, whatever the case may be. That is why motion graphics explainers are always in high demand (at least for us). Do you want to engage the audience? Make an interactive video — it has the dynamics. If you want to pitch your brilliant ideas to investors or create a character for your brand, motion graphic looks awesome and can get them in awe. In our company culture, we think that motion graphics are designed to be both entertainment, communication, and marketing content. Although a sharp set of skill and a lot of special training is required to draw and animate one of these videos. Every movement in motion graphic videos needs a tremendous amount of attention to detail and method to execute, especially the transition between frames and movement of small objects. That is why most of the times motion graphics take a bigger chunk of animators time (and therefore your budget) compared to other styles.

2D Motion Graphics Animation - Explainer Video Style

It is characterized for being engaging and straightforward. The style is ideal for companies that have a complicated product or service to explain or that want to bring trust and buzz to their brand. Graphics are used to show how a product or service works and how the customer can benefit from it. Animated 2D motion graphics videos look fresh, colorful and dynamic. All of those characteristics serve as catching features. They will hook your audience from the first second. Given the complexity of the products or services that use this style, that is definitely beneficial. Experts use graphic elements like different styles, patterns and colors to explain abstract or complex product and service. Animators can mix motion graphics with other styles, giving the human touch on the characters. Detailing is essential for the transition between movements or frames. Generally there are fewer characters involved in these types of video. The main focus is on the shapes and transformations.

Kinetic Typography Animation

The idea is to deliver a message through words. This type of video is common on the Internet. If you search for ‘kinetic typography’ on Google, you will see what I mean. As the name suggests, this type of animated explainer video style relies on text and numbers. Combined with relevant animation and accompanied by music that matches the feel you are going for in an ad. Kinetic typography has the power to inspire someone, express an idea and way of thinking, and move peoples feelings. The style is based on the animation of fonts to express an idea. If the proper fonts are used, the video can use the right format to underline certain passages and make them stick in your memory of your audience. Using color and movement combined with the music and voiceover, can have an unexpected rhythm that will keep your audience watching. This style is very affordable in cost and has shorter production times.

Cutout Animation - Digital Cutout Animation

It is really simple in terms of look and movement, which is either its main strength or weakness. Cut Out animation features characters and objects that are cut out of paper, hence the name. Since it is not demanding on the eyes it has no fancy animation. The audience can really concentrate on listening and grabbing the message. That is why it will work for me, when I view it. On the other hand the video might also come across as plain or boring for those who are attracted to color and movement.

Collage & Cut Out

Collage and cut-out style include a small portion of different materials like stiff photographs and cardboards for producing animation. Experts use vector graphics or scanned images in the whole process. And the best part is that you can develop complex figures smoothly in cut-out animation for explainer videos. They are very engaging and good for B2C companies to create a strong connection between brand and customer.

Isometric Style Animation

Isometric is common in the gaming world. Animators use this technique for 2D animation to create a 3D illusion. In this style of video, characters usually look much like blocks. 2D graphics are used to represent a 3D environment. There is a human touch to these cool and playful video style.

Cartoon Animation

Cartoons are not only for kids! This style can go for a more fun and adventurous Explainer Video Production. Many agencies use colors and humorous bits combined with sound effects, expressive characters and detailed environmental elements. Some video production companies even add composed music to empower the story and make it more engaging. Other production companies avoid background music to put more emphasis on the narration.

Minimalistic Vector Animation for Explainer Video Production

The technique is used to create cleaner and smoother animations. The motion is controlled not by pixels, but by vectors in this method. The graphic appearance of videos created by minimalistic vector technique. It is clearer compared to other animated styles.

Silhouette Animation - Explainer Video

A silhouette animation style works in a way that shows the character in the Animated Explanatory Video only as a silhouette. Do not be afraid that the silhouette character may come off as a little scary. You can play up the expressions, or use colors instead of the usual basic color.

Cel & Frame by Frame - Animation

A animator draws or paints various objects on it to create a traditional animation. Cel is a transparent sheet. Cel and frame by frame together, it is the style where an animator draws each frame of the scenes in the animation by hand. It is one of the most expensive and time-consuming options. It is more like the cartoons you have grown up watching.

Animated Music Video

It i pretty much the same as the usual music video we see on MTV. It might have an animated character instead of a real live singer. Music is open minded and the animation that represents it should be too. Many music video creators have tried using 3d animation style but some still stick to 2d. In music videos it is very common to mixe up with some kinetic typography for the lyrics for viewers to sing along.

Live Action + Animation - Explainer Video

When a single style of video gets boring for your topic, we should mix both live action and animation to gives you the best of both worlds. You can be personal and build trust with the live action. Also be entertaining and illustrative with the animation part.

Live Action - Explainer Video

In live action videos, everything is recorded using a good camera. It is a good option for production companies to build a personal relationship between the business, product or service and a potential customer by showing real people in real scenes. In a live action video, you could put your employees, your customers or even yourself before the eyes of the audience to explain or build trust your product or service. People trust in brands that aren’t afraid to show their human side. They often use testimonials. This style can work in explainer videos because of their power to engage with the audience. This type of video humanizes a company highlighting its major aspects and business culture. Live action video features real people expressing real human emotions. It also gives a personality to your corporate enterprise, ensures authenticity, improves your viewer is knowledge. It builds a personal relationship with your target group. A sense of humor works really well too. Brands such as “Dollar Shave Club” transforming from zero to hero using this approach.

Live Action With Track Elements - Animation Production

Here we use a live video footage integrated with 3D elements that are tracked to the video. It brings a idea of real interaction with a more immersive feel. The added elements also provide a more dynamic look. Rhythm is making the journey all more enjoyable for the audience. The combination of graphic with live video offer great benefits. There is the ‘human side’ for great engagement. There is the graphics to add a new layer that you can rely on and to strengthen the explanation.

Pen and Ink - Explainer Video

In the Pen and Ink video style, the objects are a little rough, sketchy and loose. Most importantly, the objects in Pen & Ink animation are drawn by hand and look stellar.

Stop Motion Animation - Explainer Video

Do you know Wallace and Gromit? That is the perfect example of stop-motion animation. You draw a character, then take photos, change an element of that image and then take another one. When you are done with drawing and taking a picture routine, stack the pictures together and you will have a stop-motion style video production. Not to mention that a hundred pictures can result in a video that is only a few seconds long. Stop-motion animations are the least complex between these styles and it involves a tedious process of taking pictures and it goes frame by frame. In stop motion, an object is manipulated physically in small increments and then photographed. The photographer captures 1 frame at a time. When you play the frames in a sequence, the object appears to be moving. Here, the medium can be anything, including clay, puppet, graphic and even silhouette. Extremely fun to watch, these are ideal for companies intending to leave a long lasting impression with their introduction. Producing stop motion videos, require a vast amount of production time and it is generally a very tedious process. So expect to receive high quotes when enquiring about such videos. It is an animation technique that consists of photographing an object as it is moved in small amounts creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames are played as a sequence. You have probably seen short films and movies that use this technique for a truly unique effect. That unique effect is probably the best benefit you can get out of stop motion videos. But, this technique is expensive and also if you have to make a change, it is possible that you can’t or it might take a lot of time and money.

Outline / Dope Art - Animated Explainer Video

Dope art - explainer videos are extremely attractive, fun-filled and effective. It uses simple outlined characters and objects. With this style you can convey complex messages without confusing your audience with complex graphics.

Animation & Images

It is an effective method to feature the actual image of products without being a boring slideshow. This type of video production is best executed when it is accompanied by upbeat motion graphics with animation. Keep the audience engaged while showcasing the product images one by one with visually motion graphics.

Animated Stick Figures - Explainer Video Style

Everything will be drawn in stick figures. It is very simple and playful but not overwhelming. This animation style brings life into the drawing of your 5-year old son. It is a simplicity at its finest. There are many popular animated stick figure animaed explainer videos around the world.

Parallax With Images - Animation

A popular explainer video style where the foreground content of images and the background content image move at different speed. This effects makes the videos extremely pronounced and subtle.

Animated Infographic - Explainer Video Style

Animated Infographic is a motion graphic video that aims to explain and educate based on a script. Infographic videos rely heavily on upon information. Animation is packed with a lot of facts, data, numbers, charts, and statistics. Having all this data animated is very helpful in avoiding putting the viewer to sleep while reading through the data.

Stock Footage & Overlays

Stock footages are video footages which have already been captured and can be used again in any new production. Usually, these (royalty-free footages) are moving images of wildlife, people, birds, landmarks, vehicles, etc. Additionally, using overlay, one screen is animated on top of the other to create maximum effect of the messages in the video.

Screen Capture & Screencast - Training Video Tutorial

This is the best style to use in explaining digital products, a website, software or an app. Most of the time it is an animated version of your website or mobile app, showing the viewer how to use the site step-by-step. A screencast is the digital recording of a screen capture containing audio narration. It is one of the low cost alternatives to making a video. Several startups rely on it when it comes to tutorials. It will work for your explainer video but it depends on what you are offering. This type of video is very helpful to improve customers’ experience in using your product service. It therefore increase, or at least maintain revenue at a steady level. Most videos that intend to become a tutorial or a how-to video. You would want to use animated screencaps to make it easy to understand. Is your product is a complex software or platform? If yes, you can benefit from this style to showcase how it works. It can be real time demonstration of its capabilities. It might be what you need to show to keep your audience is interest.

2.5D with 3D elements - Explainer Video Style

The animator will create 2D animation in 3D space. He will using different techniques with some 3D elements, use tricks of shadow to make the 2D look like 3D and customize the video according to the viewers’ interests.

2.5D Animation

This animation technique simulates a 3D environment. It has all the benefits of a motion graphics animation video. It is quite an interesting way to have a professional and engaging result without the hassle and time and money consuming afford of 3D animation. It uses object layering, makes the whole video appear sophisticated and fluid. 2.5D Animation is like looking to cutouts moving in a 3D-like space. But when all of the elements are designed in 2D. 2.5D Animation is a great alternative for companies with a limited budget and but can’t afford the price that comes with 3D techniques.

2D Character Animation - Explainer Video Style

2D Character animation is one of the most popular and broadly used techniques. It is a style in which characters and scenes are created in a 2D space using perspective in order to recreate the illusion of depth. 2D Character Animation is a great choice for either B2C or B2B companies since it is emotional and appeals directly to the audience. 2D Character Animation i making it an ideal form of content for people to share. Don’t be suspicious about its simplistic look. 2D images and figures can be simple but for a good reason. They avoid overwhelming your audience and put the focus on your message.

3D Animation - Explainer Video Style

The 3D animation technique has endless possibilities. It is mostly used for commercial purposes because of its high quality and for its state-of-the-art feel. 3D can make your brand be noticed in an instant. It has the ability to rotate and zoom into all the elements in the video and makes the viewer feel immersed in what is being shown. The production of 3D animations can be quite expensive. It is not a suitable option if you have a small budget and also production times tend to be longer, simply because any changes or adjustments take more effort than with other video styles. This style creates a virtual world rather than narrating stories. It is using realistic lighting, materials and objects. It is one of the most expensive explainer video style options available. It is the most advanced form of animation and offers incredible opportunities to both animators and businesses. Animators use high-end and complex software to sweep the viewers through rich and dimensional imagery in full 3D explainer videos.

Conclusion - To sum up - Explainer Video Style

Keeping all these points in mind will assure that your video production gives great results to your company and business strategy. Understanding these useful animation styles is essential in making a killer animated explainer video that is effective enough to strengthen your business and promote your brand value. You should analyze the best option according to your needs. Be ready to make your conversion rate grow.